On The Radio Show Yesterday...

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris February 11, 2020 07:17 in On The Radio

The show moved quickly yesterday, mainly because it started with John Folse. The superstar chef is an easy interview. He has much to say and is not shy about saying it. He is a regular guest on our show, but never with us. Chef Folse is a favorite with guest hosts, so it was great to talk to him ourselves. The occasion was his weekend event at White Oak Plantation and Gardens. Fête Des Bouchers, also known as a Boucherie, an elaborate event which begins with the butchering of an animal, and stations of people who use every bit of that animal. John explained that it is quite a spectacle, involving a procession and prayers by the Archbishop of Baton Rouge, complete with chefs from all over the country. It revisits old traditions of community and families sharing the bounty of the slaughtered animal. We will have more on this later in the week. To me, one of the most interesting things in the interview was the backstory of R'evolution, which has been a wonder to me for years. He explained how a guy from the bayous collaborated with one from Chicago for a place like R'evolution.

It was a busy show the second hour as well. We talked of sausages and saccharin and private clubs throughout our city.

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