On Yesterday's Show...

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris December 04, 2019 09:08 in On The Radio

Yesterday’s show got off to a slow start when Tom’s long and winding intro was even more long and winding. I showed up late. Again. We began with a report on our visit to the new Shake Shack on Canal St for their soft opening. This spawned a conversation about Tom’s least favorite food, hamburgers. In’N’Out was mentioned, along with our own Port Of Call, and a lengthy discussion about Mena’s Palace ensued. 

And we got an unusual question, one we don’t often have. It was a question about Hambone on the north shore. A question like the old days: what’s going on in a particular place? What to get, etc. This reinvigorated the food vs. environment debate. Along with a friendly argument about the pronunciation of Iberville St. In other words, the usual Food Show nonsense. Strangely listenable, we are told.

To listen: