The Food Show At Your Fingertips

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris November 04, 2019 08:45 in On The Radio

Whenever we are out and about people who come up to chat have one of two things on their minds. They may inquire about these Eat Clubs, but mostly they want to find the show. We thought we’d try a little harder to help with that, so beginning today there will be a daily synopsis of the previous day’s show and a link to hear it. Enjoy!

On Friday’s show, we talked again about culinary cultural identities, when a caller asked about trying to find soup like one would find in a diner in Minnesota, where his friend is from. And we had a guest call-in from Maine who is in the B&B world there. Dana Moos (isn’t that a perfect Maine name?) has a cookbook out called the “Art of Breakfast.” The book is beautiful, and the dishes are very glamorous, seeming more like brunch items and entrees, but she is delightful and we will talk more with her soon.

The links for both hours are below.

click here to listen:

hour 2 here: