Friday, January 2, 2009. No Show. Acme. Bathroom Completed.

Written by Tom Fitzmorris January 03, 2009 04:06 in

Friday, January 2, 2009.

No Show. Acme. Bathroom Completed.

The tile man came by and finished the last few details of the new bathroom. It is now inaugurated and usable. It's also blindingly white. I can't understand why plain white tile is five dollars a square foot. Neither could the tile guy. And now Mary Ann has her Christmas present, from her to her.

So much food is left over from yesterday's party that we had no trouble assembling a lunch. That ham makes the best omelettes, and it's pretty good in red beans, too.

When I connected with the radio studio at four in the afternoon, I learned that I have been given the day off, and that football games are occupying my slot. I am mildly miffed. I am reminded of a scene in the old Superman television show, where Clark Kent, Louis Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Inspector Henderson are rushing around, not having time to explain to editor Perry White what they're up to. White blusters, "People come and go around here and tell me nothing!"

With the late afternoon suddenly free, everybody seemed game for the supper at the Acme Oyster House that we didn't have a week ago. Char-grilled oysters, fried oysters for me, gumbo for Jude, wedge salad for Mary Leigh, stuffed crab for Mary Ann. Everybody sticking with their favorites. Delicious. The place has become our default family café. We go there often enough that I don't have to be Tom Fitzmorris to get good food and service.

Acme Oyster House. Covington: 1202 US 190 (Causeway Blvd.). 985-246-6155 . Seafood. .