Fried (Or Baked Or Stewed) Chicken @ Mr. Ed's

Written by Tom Fitzmorris October 21, 2015 08:01 in

500BestSquareFried (Or Baked Or Stewed) Chicken @ Mr. Ed's

In the days before the fast-food places took over so many parts of our menu, fried chicken was considered a gourmet dish. It still is, really--if you can find a restaurant that still fries the chicken to order, seasons and coats it artfully, and serves it hot out of the fryer. Mr. Ed's is a big neighborhood restaurant of the old school, and they fry chicken the old way, not so much as coating it until it's ready to go into the fryer. Do not come in a hurry for this--it takes as much as a half-hour. Have one of their excellent soups while waiting. Or get the stewed chicken with brown gravy, or the baked chicken, both of which are delicious and cooked in advance. FriedChicken
Mr. Ed's. Metairie: 1001 Live Oak. 504-838-0022.
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