Yesterday On The Radio...

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris January 30, 2020 19:47 in On The Radio

It was a very slow show, but there was a lot to report about a wonderful evening we had Wednesday night, at the tribute to Chef John Folse. We did an exhaustive review of the evening - the food mostly but also the program and the other people we saw there. We also posed a question about the value of service and waiters who understand the importance of service and deliver more than most. The question was prompted by Charles Carter, Tom’s longtime Antoine’s waiter. Don the Gourmet Neighbor called about his waiters across town, and it’s always nice to talk to him.

Mike called about a duck press, which is a conversation I can always do without. I try not to think too much about the food I am eating, especially the kind that was once alive.

And we talked of croissants without much help from anyone else. The croissant question intrigued George, a most interesting caller, who revealed more secrets from inside the Copekand’s camp, like their homemade small-batch mayo, made with beef fat. We’re always riveted by George’s unusual insider information.

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