Saturday Brings Brunch To This Hotspot

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris October 08, 2019 10:03 in Happenings

Last weekend was the first brunch at Gris Gris that included Saturday too. Brunch hours for both days are 11am-5pm. There are some unique dishes on this menu, but we would expect nothing less from this temple of exciting food. See what we mean with menu items like Chicken Gizzard Omelette, Blueberry Pan Perdu, Chicken Biscuits and Gravy, and Go With The Flo (pictured), and the Gris Gris Slam, known everywhere else as two eggs and a biscuit, etc.

Cocktails by the Carafe definitely works for brunch too. Think poinsettia grapefruit mimosa, Bloody Mary and Bloody Maria, plus a specialty cocktail carafe rotating each week. For the full Brunch menu, go to

Gris Gris

1800 Magazine St. New Orleans


Mon-Sat 11-10

Sundays till 9