In Our Own Backyard

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris December 16, 2019 14:09 in Happenings

Our own Roosevelt Waldorf Astoria Hotel has just received a distinguished recognition. They were voted the #1 Best Hotel For The Holidays by USA Today 2019 Reader’s Choice Travel Awards. It turns out the 44 Christmas trees, 345 Poinsettias, 135,000 lights. nearly 700 hand-tied bows and 2,200 glass ornaments, and 3,400 feet of white branches with lighting haven’t gone unnoticed. This modern twist on the legendary lobby’s decorations has such a glow, it’s almost surreal. There is warm energy there every night, so if you haven’t experienced it, don’t let another season pass. It’s a fine New Orleans holiday tradition since the 30s, though it has never been more glamorous.

You could always just walk through the lobby and enjoy this award-winning display (pictured, courtesy of Hilton),  but the Reveillon in Fountain Lounge and Domenica are two reasons to go, especially after Thursday night’s LPO performance of Handel’s Messiah across the street at the Orpheum. And there is Teddy Bear Tea, which runs through December 24th, as well as Christmas Day Brunch, or Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Dinner.

The Roosevelt Waldorf Astoria Hotel

130 Roosevelt Way New Orleans


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