From The Ridiculous To The Sublime

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris October 03, 2019 10:52 in Happenings

Last week the Krystal Hamburger Company announced that they too, are getting into the hot chicken sandwich game. Based on my, not Tom’s (who was addicted to these little bites as a younger person) opinion of Krystal, I was almost afraid to imagine the Hot Chik. But the sandwich (you’ll have to go to Instagram @theneworleansmenu to see it), I have to say, looks way better than their burger. Made of all-white chicken breast, with a single slice of pickle, The Hot Chik is available for a LTO (limited time only.) And unless you live out of the New Orleans area, you will have to miss this culinary opportunity. 

Better news, though, if you do live in New Orleans, tonight at Second Line Brewing and Saturday at the Freret Art Market, you can try a sublime version (pictured) of this current phenom. Anthony Cruz won the Fried Chicken Festival for his delicious Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. This veteran of white-tablecloth restaurants also won other awards: for his tacos and fried shrimp at the Po-Boy Festival and The Louisiana Seafood Festival. But back to the sandwich. There are three different spice levels to put on the chicken when you order it. We got the medium spice level, known as the Otis Redding. Lionel Ritchie is mild (perfect, huh?), and the hot is Rick James, also known as Superfreak. There is even an underground level called Richard Pryor, but you have to ask for it. Yuzu aioli and slaw and a housemade pickle round out the sandwich, deliberately served on just a plain old Bunny Bread roll. Made to order. 

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