On Friday's Show...

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris January 27, 2020 09:36 in On The Radio

The show started today with a lengthy report on the party at the new Dixie Beer reopening. And on Andrea’s 35th-anniversary party. It was a busy night for us Thursday night. We felt like party hoppers.

And we talked to Peggy Scott Laborde about her new documentary on Dixie Beer. That was followed by a visit from @timilyandthetoaster chronicling their two weeks since we last spoke. They've been to Napa and Sonoma and a weird place in the California desert called Slab City. Now they are in Tucson. Those two are having some great adventures. We gave them some restaurant recommendations for their trek east here, all of which they will ignore.

And we talked about the frozen ice cream treats like Nutty Buddy and Fudgesicles on this the anniversary of the 1922 launch of Eskimo Pies.