On The Radio Yesterday...

Mary Ann Fitzmorris January 22, 2020 08:53 On The Radio

We were intrigued by an email we received yesterday about the 100 year anniversary of Broussard’s  Tom started to reminisce about the restaurant’s colorful past., and that shot off into remembrances of Versailles and Gunther and Evelyn Preuss and Dennis Hutley to Le Parvenu and Rivertown.

Michael 75, who always has something interesting to say, called about his Chinese feast compiled from the takeout from his top five Chinese restaurants in town. Chinese New Year is coming up this Saturday the 25th.

And Al Copeland is never far from our minds these days when the subject of Wholly Mackerel returned with a call from Greg, who had listened to a show last week on podcast.

Our longtime advertiser and part of the show, Andrea’s celebrated its official 35th anniversary yesterday, so we talked about that.

And two hours went by in a flash