Not Entirely New Kid On The Block

Mary Ann Fitzmorris September 12, 2019 05:00 Anxiously Awaited

Fans pf Pizza Domenica will be delighted to know that there is another location of the more casual arm of the Domenica brand. Opening two weeks ago in the space that formerly held Echo Pizza on Banks at South Lopez, the new restaurant adds itself to the already plenteous opportunities to consume pizza in town. Most of them not this good.

Located in that “gentrifying” part of Banks near the hospital complex, the new place has the casual-but-glamorous look of the Magazine location, with about a fourth of the space. Walking in, it looks like just a few seats, but behind the pizza oven and prep space, there is a larger dining room and a really nice patio. With fans. Still unthinkable in this heat, but remember that for the fall. 

We love this menu. The regulars are there: Pizzas that are Margherita, pepperoni, mushroom, white, and our favorite, the Calabrese. But fun pizzas like Charbroiled Oysters and Everything Bagel and Tutto Carne, (classy way to say THE MEATS!!)

There are Calzones and Stromboli, a few salads, and yes, the garlic knots, but also ham and cheese twists, chicken wings, and of course the wonk of charred cauliflower. What would Domenica be without its signature?

The menu is smallish but large enough. And a tiny brunch menu is available only at this location.

It has a few bagel options, a crab salad, some baked pasta, Stromboli, and a few other eclectic menu items.

Most important:the Happy Hour is on 3-5, with the ½ price pizza , draft beer, and wines by the glass.

Pizza Domenica

3200 Banks  New Orleans


Mon-Th  3-9

Friday 12-10 

Saturday 10-10

Sunday 10-9