Monday, July 19. Mi Casa.

Written by Tom Fitzmorris January 07, 2011 23:44 in

Dining Diary

Monday, July 19. Mi Casa. I spent over an hour on the phone with Amtrak, ironing out plans for our train trip to Chicago in September. They appear to handle all group bookings manually. The good news was that everybody I confirmed now has a firm sleeping space assigned. The bad news is that I had to return three checks from people who wanted to go, but who got in too late. I told several more not to bother sending in their deposits. The entire train is out of sleepers. I'll bet I could have filled the better part of another entire car. As it is, the Eat Club will have the sleepers to ourselves.

Mi Casa.

Lunch at Mi Casa, the well-hidden Mexican place whose best directions are "go in back of Cane's, make a U-turn in the spot where you'll be forced to roll over grass to make the maneuver, then roll over the curb to get into the parking lot." Mi Casa shares a building with a fitness center. I'll bet that lowers sales in the restaurant by at least three-tenths of one percent, account of guilt.

Three enchiladas, three sauces.

Mi Casa is a simple Tex-Mex place, but I like it pretty well when I'm in the mood for that. This lunch--which I swear I meant to be light--was a platter of three different enchiladas, each with its own salsa. And beans and rice, thereby adding up to too much food. But pretty good, particularly at the price. And filling up at lunch would help latter when the Marys told me that they didn't want to have dinner. I'm sure their dieting has taken a few ounces off my own frame.

** Mi Casa. Covington: 109 Crestwood Blvd . 985-892-8969. Mexican.