Oysters Amandine @ Mr. Ed's Oyster Bar & Fish House

Written by Tom Fitzmorris December 24, 2015 09:01 in

500BestSquareOysters Amandine @ Mr. Ed's Oyster Bar & Fish House

After eighty-five years of serving simple but meticulously cooked seafood, the elderly owners of Bozo's restaurant found the perfect person to carry the torch into the future. Ed McIntyre is not only an excellent operator of neighborhood cafes, but also a big fan of Bozo's for his entire life. When he bought Bozo's in 2013, he kept a lot of the old menu, but tripled it in size with a wealth of new dishes. The oysters amandine may be the best of them. They're fried, topped with an old-style meuniere sauce, and then finished with toasted almonds. They come out of the half shell after a pass through the broiler. They're not only delicious but very appealing to the eye. Mr. Ed's is also close enough to Lakeside Mall for it to be a good place to stop for lunch before going back to shopping. (If they're open, which I think they are.) [caption id="attachment_40287" align="alignnone" width="480"]Oysters Amandine. Oysters Amandine.[/caption]
Mr. Ed's Oyster Bar & Fish House. Metairie: 3117 21st Street. 504-833-6310.
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