On Yesterday's Show...

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris November 08, 2019 08:40 in On The Radio

Another fun show today. We were expecting a call from Timily (@timilyandthetoaster) my niece and her husband who are traversing our beautiful country in their renovated 1995 RV. Both of them, who work from home, found themselves on conference calls so our chat was condensed to 10 minutes before the end of the show. We get a weekly update on cool things they’ve found across the fruited plain. Tim and Tom struck up a conversation about Tom’s secret life as a Kentucky Colonel, and there was definitely envy in Tim’s voice. @dollytheaussiedoodle had nothing to contribute today.

We also talked about straw and hay, known by its real name as paglia e fieno. Right up there with Roman favorite cacio e pepe, we never fail to have some of this over there. It’s essentially carbonara with spinach fettuccini as well as the regular kind, served as sort of a bird’s nest.

Good calls. Good time.

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