Divinely Delicious

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris November 21, 2019 11:05 in Eat This Now

Carbs have gotten a bad rap these last few years, and rightly so. There is simply no need to eat them. Most of the time. But sometimes, something is presented to you and if you are unable to resist the first taste, you are forever hooked. I do not usually eat bread. I say it has to clear a very high threshold for me to take that first bite. But something about soft Parker House-style rolls that are homemade and hot, ready to melt butter before your eyes is endlessly tempting. Who knew that the bread from your high school cafeteria and the packaged slab from the Thanksgivings of the Sixties could be this good? Brennan’s has a good version of these. But nothing, nothing, comes close to the soft, warm, Parker House roll with the shiny crusty top with micro-bubbles at Cochon. This is dangerously addictive stuff. I eat these. I eat lots of these, and I don’t care. 

I had lunch at Cochon, which has a lot of wonderful things besides this. (Donald Link isn’t Donald Link for nothing,) two days in a row. I am only slightly embarrassed to admit that. These little clouds of dough are that good.


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