On Yesterday's Show...

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris January 16, 2020 20:42 in On The Radio

We seem to have established a rather uncomfortable pattern in the show. The first hour it is just us, then the second hour is very busy - so busy we don’t really have time to accommodate people.

The show started off with the news that Acme Covington closed last Sunday. Tom lamented this for a while, until I got him off it with a discussion of curry. Appropos of nothing at all, we wound up on the subject of Copeland’s when a most interesting caller the second hour wanted to answer questions we asked last week. Huh?  He was from Honduras and we talked about Popeyes, Al Copeland, Super Popeyes, Copeland’s, and finally Nole. He worked at Copeland’s when it was new and when he was a new American. We ended the call mutually marveling at how off the mark Nole is, but not until he talked about his red beans, made with fresh plantains and cracklins. Yes, cracklins.

To listen: