Primed For Beef?

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris March 19, 2020 09:55 in Happenings

If you’re as crazy as we are about prime beef in particular, here are two good opportunities for you. 

Doris Metropolitan is operating in the same way as everyone else, (consult “the list” for details), but they will also serve you the very best (trust us on that) prime beef for you to cook at home yourself. From their butcher counter you can get Dry-aged Prime and Japanese Fat Ground Beef, as well as Dry-aged steaks by the pound 12-9.

Don’t want to do it yourself? Crescent City Steak House has been doing it before anyone else. They’ll cook it for you for curbside pick-up, and throw in a frees side too.

Doris Metropolitan 504-267-3500

Crescent City Steaks 504-821-3271