Eating On A Timer

Written by Tom Fitzmorris September 13, 2019 05:00 in Eat This Now

As reported by the Gourmet Runner, who posts in this space.

Faced with lunch on a timer last week in the CBD (jury duty) I had to carefully map out a strategy to eat quickly with my $50 per diem and one hour allotment of time. I allowed 10 minutes for walking each way, which left 40 or less for visiting a restaurant. Several of my fellow jurors went for smoothies, but where is the fun in that?

Day 1. Compere Lapin. I chose the “Hot Chicken” sandwich. But before my order arrived, I was given two dense biscuits with honey butter and a compound garlic butter. Excellent, but filling. The chicken sandwich was advertised - “HOT”! I broke a sweat on the second bite. The homemade potato chips were addictive. REAL GOOD. 35 minutes.

Day 2. Bonci. I love pizza, but prefer a thin New York crust. I’d heard of the place, but didn’t know that they accept only cards. NO CASH! I also didn’t know about ordering the square chunks of pie by the inch and paying by the pound of pizza consumed, so you can try multiple types of pizza. Still, the mushroom and sausage square I inhaled was excellent. Great seasoning and the sausage was just like being back in NY. NICE. 25 minutes.

Day 3. Legacy Kitchen. I’ve dined at the one on Veterans Blvd., but never in the Warehouse District. This is a good-looking restaurant. I had the club sandwich. I still argue that a club is a club no matter where you eat one, but will concede that superior meat can make the difference. Good whole wheat bread here, nice crispy fries, yet still just a club. OKAY. 20 minutes.

Day 4. Cafe in the Square at the Blake Hotel. I was told that the Asian Tuna Salad was great but it wasn’t a special that day. I ordered a wedge with grilled chicken breast. This was a superior Bleu Cheese dressing with a seriously dried out chicken breast. DISAPPOINTING. 25 minutes.

Day 5. Between The Bread.  Nothing really ambitious on the menu, so I tried the Pastrami Sandwich. They told me it would take a few minutes because it was a custom sandwich. I guess that means none of it can be pre-made. The sandwich was delicious. Marble rye, hot pastrami, gooey cheese, and very spicy Dijon mustard. VERY GOOD. 30 minutes.

Day 6 & 7. Barcadia & Lucy’s  BURGER TIME!!! I tried Lucy’s first because I like eating at their bar and, lots of sports television and some characters to talk to. Perfectly cooked medium burger, good not great seasoning, and passable fries. DECENT.

Barcadia burger (pictured) was first class: perfectly cooked, great bun,hand-cut fries, and some sort of seasoning in the meat that really made it stand out. EXCELLENT.  25 minutes.