On the Last Show...

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris November 11, 2019 10:07 in Anxiously Awaited

Cappuccino was the subject of Friday’s show, since it was National Cappuccino Day, though that seems odd to me because espresso and cappuccino are from across the Atlantic. Both have been hijacked and are now much appreciated in this country, despite the explosion of artisan roasters in the American style. I arrived fresh off a really really great lunch at Cochon, where I became obsessed with their rolls. This got me to thinking about bread in restaurants, and I asked callers to tell us of any restaurants in town that they would go to for the bread. My own list includes five. And just as we were running out of fun with the almanac, Molly Kimball dropped in to chat about her new book, “The Eat Fit Cookbook”, a compilation of well-tested recipes that resulted from her six-year campaign to make New Orleans restaurant food healthier.

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