On The Radio Yesterday...

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris December 13, 2019 21:38 in On The Radio

Today is National Hot Cocoa Day, so I was delighted to talk about that. We talked about my days working in the Grand Canyon personnel office in the basement under the fancy restaurant at the El Tovar Hotel. The staff went up the stairs into the kitchen for a hot chocolate and whipped cream. Often. Old habits die hard. Hot chocolate was all I ate yesterday.

It is also Ambrosia Day, and we wondered why citrus and coconut is called “food of the gods.” I asked for everyone’s list of “food of the gods.” Nothing, as usual, but we prevail. We did hear from a few people who do love ambrosia enough to understand its moniker.

And @timilyandthetoaster called to check in from their renovated 1995 RV, where they are traveling the United States for four months. They gave us a report on fun stuff and good food from the road. They called from Yuma Arizona.

It was a good show covering a lot of turf.

To listen: