On Yesterday's Show...

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris January 14, 2020 13:44 in On The Radio

Yesterday I was a little distracted by events unfolding across our city, state, and nation. In other words, tiger madness. Tom stayed home to do the show. His revulsion of football has always been widely known, and even in yesterday’s almanac, he made a reference to his disdain, citing former President George Bush’s choking scare while eating pretzels watching a football game. To Tom this was another good reason to avoid football watching. 

For these reasons, we hardly talked about the big contest. We talked of Dame Nellie Melba, and where to get Melba toast circa 2020. And there was a lengthy discussion of hummus, which was almost a vanilla wafer dish on the buffet. It was taken only by our loyal listener Alan, reporting snow in his adopted hometown of Seattle. But mostly the show was an account of our visit last week to the “new” Brennan’s post-Slade Rushing.

To listen: