Yesterday On The Radio...

Mary Ann Fitzmorris January 17, 2020 08:42 On The Radio

Times, they are a changin’. If any proof of that is needed, the main topic of the show yesterday was chicken fried steak. Yes, that chicken fried steak. There’s only one kind. We had a lovely caller asking us to help her find a good recipe because she gets it all over in restaurants but they are frozen. Hmmm.

Nevertheless, we aim to please, ...really, so we looked it up in the “Joy of Cooking.”And checked Ina Garten to make sure she hadn’t gone there. Whew! More important, Tom did not take the caller to task for not listening to him about getting her mother's recipe before she died.

But the main topic was the coincidence that it was Spicy Foods Day, and we certainly celebrated, having lunch at the brand new Blue Giant. We had no idea upon entering just how true that would be, but Woah. A full-court press here on all the senses. Go. Prepare to be assaulted by an intensity of flavors to make you reel. And don't be surprised to hear yourself asking for more.

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