On Yesterday's Show. . .

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris November 06, 2019 20:53 in On The Radio

We had such a busy show yesterday. We spent nearly the whole first hour on donuts, since it was National Hot Doughnut Day. Was it donut or doughnut? What happened to Mckenzie’s? Cake donuts or glazed? Filled or not? Mike called in to educate us on donut cutting from his earlier days at Dunkin Donuts. I was fascinated by this. We talked about Roy Roger’s roast beef, and Tom got to sing “Cool Water,” with me as harmony. If you can’t beat ‘em, join, ‘em, right?

There was actually a mention and a brief discussion about yodeling. And before we knew it, another show was wrapped.

Listen Here:

And in case you want to try making your own beignets, you'll need only a can of Pillsbury or even store brand biscuits, canola oil, and powdered sugar. 

Whack the can on a countertop edge and separate biscuits.  Cut into quarters. Fill a dutch oven with a least a quart of oil heated to 375 degrees. When a tester dough rises to the top, the oil is ready. Drop the rest till golden brown. Drain and dust with powdered sugar.