Red Beans Like Popeyes

Tom Fitzmorris May 26, 2014 09:01

Back around 1992, three young people spending a year driving the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile around America spent an hour with me on the radio. They were here to appear in a few Mardi Gras parades--clearly one of their most interesting assignments. They had some prizes to give away--Wienermobile banks, Wiener whistles, and other stuff. The asked the audience to call in with recipes they might have for Oscar Mayer's signature product. A guy called in with this memorable formula, which he says turns out a pot of red beans and rice with the same flavor one gets from the red beans at Popeyes. It sounds gross, but I tried it and it really does work. It is unlikely that this is Popeyes own formula, but it's credible. Even after more than twenty years, I still get calls on the air asking for the recipe. Here it is, online at last!

  • 1 lb. red beans, prepared according to your usual recipe, including seasoning
  • 1 lb. Oscar Mayer wieners (the pork-and-beef kind, not the all-beef--although you could use the latter if you like)

1. Cook a pot of red beans as usual, but add about a half-cup more water (unless your beans are already soupy). Simmer the beans to the point when they're starting to fall apart, but not so that they're a puree.

2. Chop up the hot dogs, and put them into a food processor--the bigger, the better. Process until the dogs are nearly spreadable, like a paté. (A few small chunks are acceptable.)

3. Stir the hot dog spread into the simmering beans until they disappear--about ten minutes.

4. That's it! Serve over rice as usual.

Serves eight.


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