On The Radio Yesterday...

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris January 24, 2020 08:02 in On The Radio

When I woke up yesterday morning, there was no sound coming out when I spoke. This has been a plague my whole career. Cold=laryngitis. I immediately texted Ali Loftin, the #1 replacement, who agreed to come in. About an hour later my voice returned, masher-style but still audible. And I remembered a party on the Southshore we really wanted to attend, so I went in. Ali is a stay-at-home mom, so I know all too well how much fun it is to get out of the house. We three it was. She was very excited because it was National Pie Day, Ali's small physique belies her obsession with all baked goods, which is so hateable. We love her anyway. 

The subject was pies of all kinds. Her favorites are fruit pies, Tom is a custard guy, and don't talk to me if it isn't about chocolate. There was a discussion of the heft required for a pie to support a scoop of ice cream. 

Ali drove the conversation to the empty restaurant with reserved tables discussion from days back (seems everyone has lists now) And then a frequent occurrence of late occurred again. Don Clement, equally-favored guest host, called to ask about Ali's offending restaurant, Callers piled on, and it was another good show.

Such a good show a friend texted to admire it, on the same text with the fake burger he had at lunch.

To listen: