Another Great Reveillon Menu

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris December 03, 2019 15:31 in Reveillon 2019

It goes without saying that all of the Grand Dames will have a stellar Reveillon menu, because these are the most traditional of our restaurants, and the Reveillon is nothing if not a special tradition. So if it’s important to you to experience one of these special-of-the-special dinners, make reservations now. We will not highlight any of these menus because the link below will direct you to them and because they need no press. Neither does today’s featured restaurant, but we consider it as excellent if not more so that some of the Grand Dames, and their special menus always better than most. And much more extensive, with so many more choices, all delicious.

The Pelican Club offers a staggering number of choices, all A-list foods like a rack of lamb, lobster, filet mignon, rabbit, Louisiana cioppino, a duckling trio, and signature items like the whole crispy fish and the seafood martini (pictured). A four-course thriller here with two choices of appetizers, five options in the second course, eight entrees and five desserts, will make your choices difficult. Can’t decide? Go till you eat your way through the menu. It’s that good.

Price is $49.

Pelican Club

312 Exchange Pl  New Orleans


Sun-Th  5:30-9:30pm

Friday & Saturday till 10

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