Seafood Scrambler @ Liz's Where Y'At Diner

Tom Fitzmorris February 02, 2015 09:01

500BestSquareSeafood Scrambler @ Liz's Where Y'At Diner

Liz's is the liveliest place for breakfast on the North Shore--colorful, busy, with a menu full of clever variations on the usual top-of-the-morning fare. The waitress said I'd like the scrambled eggs with crabmeat, mushrooms, and green onions. She was exactly right. This was light, well balanced, not overcooked, nicely seasoned, and very generous in its use of crabmeat. It came with a biscuit whose insides had been grilled with butter until toasty, like the outside of a grilled cheese sandwich. And some thinly-sliced fried potatoes. Fantastic!


Liz's Where Y'At Diner. Mandeville: 2500 Florida. 985-626-8477.
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