On Yesterday's Show...

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris January 28, 2020 11:36 in On The Radio

The show started off with a caller yesterday, and an amusing call at that. The question was about Dick & Jenny’s. Did we know Merlin had acquired it? Yes, and the fun went from there. We speculated about Merlin, and the future of Dick and Jenny’s under his watch.

We talked of chocolate cake, and Tom’s disdain for the darkest of chocolate cake, a true source of passion for the girls in his family. And of Sachertorte, which he mentions in the almanac, and which the Marys experienced in Vienna summer 2018 and were underwhelmed. Not chocolate enough for us.

Speaking of Vienna, it was the birthday of Mozart, a musical talent of the ages. The Marys went to his house on that same trip and learned enough of his frivolous and happy life of profligate spending on his happy brood of nuclear and extended family, we wondered about his food proclivities.

And somehow we wound up at hotdogs, reminiscing about the life and times of Bay St. Louis’s Peter’s Weiners, a hotdog stand owned by our own Pete Fountain after his illustrious career in music. He came up on the show through Johnny Carson, who came up when we mentioned his first bandleader Skitch Henderson.

See how that works? Probably not.  You'll just have to listen here: