Friday On The Show...

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris February 03, 2020 20:28 in On The Radio

The show started off with a tirade from me about a lunch that almost made me late for the show. Two friends and I had a hamburger at Doris Metropolitan that took an hour to arrive at the table. We decided that lunch is not the time to go to Doris Metropolitan, but I already knew that. We went for the secret hamburger. We won’t do that again.

After my rant, we had a few calls, and in the second hour got a report from @timilyandthetoaster, who have been checking in with us as they traverse the country in their renovated RV. It was their last report before they drop into the studio next week. Tom was especially interested in this particular chat, since they had just come from Tom’s favorite place on earth - Big Bend National Park.

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