Travel The Caribbean This Month. Culinarily, At Least

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris July 27, 2019 10:16 in Happenings

If you haven’t yet been to Station 6, owners Chef Allison Vega-Knoll and her husband Drew want to give you an extra reason to come in. (Not that you need one. This place is as wonderful as the many cars always out front suggest.) 

Now through August, the Knolls will feature an island each week for a tour around the Caribbean. You can trust this to be “authentic.” These two lived there with their family for 8 years, while Drew supervised culinary projects on the island of Antigua and opened the Five Diamond Pavillion Restaurant.

Just two more days to visit the Bahamas. The menu is chicken souse, snapper ceviche, pineapple pork on johnnycake, curry conch, guava sorbet, and coco-mocha cheesecake paired with featured goombay smash.

July 30th-August 4th drop in on Cuba, and certainly have a mojito in its birthplace. Try the potaje de frijoles negros y tostones (black bean soup), arroz con de pina y aguacate a la plancha (grilled avocado and pineapple salad), pargo entero a la parrilla (whole grilled snapper), and arroz con leche (rum raisin rice pudding.)

August 6th-11th they’ll be jammin.’ The Jamaica menu includes conch stew, shrimp roti salad, jerk pork, and rum raisin gelato. Dark and stormy cocktails and Red Stripe beer will be served alongside these Jamaican specialties.

The next stop on the island tour is Haiti, from August 13th-18th. A  krema (coconut milk and cream of coconut), with Gosling Dark Rum and Bacardi Light Rum and lime make up a delicious cocktail to accompany a menu of joumon soup (oxtail and butternut squash, acorn squash, mirliton, Yukon potatoes), lambi salad, (fried conch over greens), griyo, pikliz, diri ak pwa and bannan peze (fried pork, spicy slaw, black bean rice and sweet plantains), and sweet potato cheesecake.

The tour moves to Puerto Rico next, from August 20th-25th,  offering pina coladas, adobo chicken salad, shrimp sofrito, and porkbelly mofongo (sauteed shrimp with plantain and chicharron cake) and coconut flan.

Allison and Drew saved their former home, Antigua, as the last stop, from August 27th to September 1st. Rum punch is the featured cocktail, and it will be served alongside seafood pepperpot and fungee (okra, eggplant, butternut squash and spinach stew with conch, crab, and fish), spicy mango, lobster, and avocado salad, curry goat and seasoned rice, and coconut rum cake.

Besides your tastebuds, the beneficiary of this Caribbean tour is the Coastal Restoration Foundation. Founded in the Seventies in Key West,  it is the largest coastal restoration organization in the world.

Station 6

105 Metairie Hammond Hwy,  Bucktown


Tu-Th 11-9

Friday & Saturday till 10

Sunday 11-8