On The Radio Yesterday....

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris February 12, 2020 11:05 in On The Radio

Yesterday on the radio show we talked about anniversaries - ours. A number of well-wishes came in and for that we say thanks. But mostly we talked of jambalaya since it was National Jambalaya Day. In the Almanac of the day, it was highlighted along with paella and fried rice. I submitted to the conversation that fried rice seemed like an American food invention for “Chinese” restaurants, but the Oracle spoke up that it’s been around since 6 something AD. In China. That was long before Trey Yuen.

And we talked of reservations. Somehow we got on the subject of the late great Warren LeRuth, a most interesting fellow whose relationship with his diners would be, shall we say, uncharacteristic in 2020.

 Michael 75 called with his usual bank of interesting things. But there was a surprise when he mentioned his weekly gabfest with his 75-year-old friends at, of all places - Stein’s Deli.

To listen: