An Eclectic Group Of Possibilities

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris November 25, 2019 05:00 in Happenings

Very few people live life as unplanned as the Fitzmorris’s, so you probably have reservations for Thanksgiving already. In case you’re still not settled, here are a dozen places that still have some space for the great American holiday. You should call, and definitely be flexible, but the following restaurants can maybe accommodate you and yours on Thursday. The grand places are all booked, but here is an eclectic group in price point, menu, and vibe. 

Andrea’s  504-834-8583  This Metairie favorite still has lots of room, because there is lots of room. His home really is your home. Open all day with some availability in the afternoon, with a special menu of three courses for $45. 

Borgne at the Hyatt 504-613-3860 This BRG sleeper has some limited space at various times throughout the day from 11-8. 4 courses  $55-$60

Broussard’s  504-581-3866. This beautiful French Quarter gem has some spots scattered throughout the day. 3 courses for $40.

Compére Lapin  504-599-2119  There is some limited space here for smaller parties, with a different menu. $75 means you’ll get about eight things on the plate, all Caribbean-inspired.

Dab’s   504-581-8511 Chef Duke’s new place in Metairie is open 11-3 with a $45 menu of 3 courses.

Fleming’s  504-799-0335  Smattering of spaces depending on party size   $50  3 courses.

Katie’s 504-488-6582   Some spaces available but only before 2pm   $26 for 3 courses 

Latil’s Landing at Houmas House  225-473-9380  A smattering of availability throughout the day. $75 buffet.

Maple Street Cafe  504-314-9003  Availability  1:30-3  $29.95 adults $15.95 kids  3 courses

M Bistro at the Ritz Carlton  504-524-1331  Spaces available after 2:30pm  Maybe the most interesting option out there. Sort of a hybrid of buffet and menu. For $110 per person, you get a 4 course menu, but the first course is a seafood buffet, and the last course is a dessert buffet. The middle two courses are a salad and Thanksgiving entree.

Restaurant des Familles 504-689-7834. This unique place on the bayou also has limited space, but only on the upstairs balcony. Two seatings: 11am and 2pm $45-$55.

Roosevelt Waldorf Astoria 504-648-1200. There is a brunch and also a dinner menu for Thanksgiving day. Call for space availability and pricing.