On The Radio Yesterday...

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris February 05, 2020 20:35 in On The Radio

The subject was bread today when we talked to Graison Gill, founder of the excellent Bellegarde Bakery. The subject was passion, and ingredients, and the slow grinding of two large slabs of granite. And Tom’s inadequate teeth for the chewiness of this kind of bread. We talked about the ancient mother of all bread ingredients, the sourdough starter, fermentation, and general agricultural products. Farmers, Sources. And his growing presence on the international scene of breadmaking.

And today is the birthday of Charles Lindbergh, for whom the sandwich the Lone Eagle was named. We went from there to talking about  Ye Olde College Inn, where this sandwich can be found. And I wanted to know the last name of the cute man who owned it, Emile Ruffin. The old place and the new place and the difference between the two was the focus of our chat for a long time after that.

We talked of candy bars since the Snickers Bar was launched today, or so it is rumored. A brief chat about Heavenly Hash got us into a discussion about restaurants in department stores, That got us to trying to remember the name of the restaurant in the DH Holmes store. We never did get the name, but lots of emails after the show told us it was called Potpourri. 

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