These Taceauxs Are Definitely Loceaux

Mary Ann Fitzmorris August 21, 2019 05:00 Anxiously Awaited

From the Gourmet Runner, who posts in this space.

A coach friend and I went to try the new brick and mortar from Taceaux Loceaux, because I’ve had the food from their truck at Mardi Gras, food festivals, and the Crescent City Classic. It was always a tasty experience.

The place is unassuming and just like its predecessor Flaming Torch, easy to pass up. The space seats about 25 people including two communal tables for 8. The menu is displayed on a large chalkboard above the register. We got Shrimp and Fish Ceviche, Messin’ with Tx  Brisket Tacos, Avocado Fries, Carnital Knowledge Pork Tacos, Grilled Shrimp Tacos, and Pollo Asada Chicken Tacos.

My bud and I are big ceviche fans, and even though I contend that I make it better than most restaurants, this had a good citrus flavor and was loaded with jalapeno. It had one tiny shrimp in the mixture and the rest was fish. Ordinary.

Taco time: 

Messin' with TX. . .lots of brisket. HUGELY oversalted, and kind of tough. Decent flavor.

Carnital Knowledge Pork. . .tough to eat. Large pieces of gristle intermixed with the meat. Spice level was nice, but I found myself pulling apart the taco when I got into a tough piece.

Grilled Shrimp. . .looked good to the eye. Nice char. Shrimp were small and the whole thing devoid of flavor.

Pollo Asada. . .Didn’t think it was possible to mess up yard bird. Decent chunks of chicken with nice accompaniments, but again just plain bland.

So we’re pretty much done and we realized we didn’t get the avocado “fries”. I asked the cashier “What’s up?” His response, “We totally forgot the fries. We’ll whip you up a batch.” Five minutes later we had fries and all I could think was that I should have kept my yap shut. The batter only stuck to a couple of fries in the order and the dipping sauce didn’t enhance the flavor much. To be fair, though, it was mayo-based and I hate mayo.

What do I take from this excursion? Maybe TL is still trying to find its footing outside the truck? Maybe I didn’t order their signature tacos? Maybe they just had a bad day? Still, I had high expectations from the truck and came away from this mightily disappointed. There are too many good south-of-the-border restaurants in New Orleans now. TL really needs to up its game. Oh, yeah, they were out of iced tea the first half of our visit.

Editor’s note: This was not just a bad day. I asked this friend and fan of their food truck to see if my impressions were wrong. His were the same. Maybe sobriety is what separates the food truck experience from the brick and mortar one. Either way, TL, as he calls it, should take some of their creativity from their blackboard and put it into their food.

Taceaux Loceaux

737 Octavia St New Orleans