An Unexpected Commission for Dickie Brennan & Co.

Written by Mary Leigh Fitzmorris May 04, 2020 13:00 in Anxiously Awaited

Plans change. We’re all learning that in the most excruciating way possible, and dealing with it however we’re able. 

A few months ago, several restaurants were gearing up to open this spring, and have had to deal with the most difficult phase of running a restaurant, the beginning, paired with one of the most difficult times our industry will ever see. 

Poor Segnette Landing and The Bower, for example, both celebrated their grand opening just a few days prior to the shut down. Megumi’s new location in Covington sits idle on Boston St. just waiting to be able to open its doors. New locations for Banana Blossom and Boulevard, and stand alone Union Ramen, carry on with their construction progress, but staring into a future now of uncertainty rather than excitement.

Another such victim was The Commissary, a project by the Dickie Brennan group quietly slated to begin operation this April.

The restaurant group had big and unique plans for their space at 634 Orange St. in the Garden District. First and foremost, the commercial kitchen was created to be a central location for soups, stocks, and desserts to be made for all the Dickie Brennan & Co. restaurants. But what’s the point of a big, beautiful kitchen and space if not to be shared? Ironically, in addition to housing a small eatery for a quick drink and Brennan-quality snack, they also planned to serve the community through the sale of house-butchered steaks and restaurant quality grab-and-go items by the quart and pan...sound familiar?

They thought so too. While they missed their April opening by a day, they shook up their plans a bit and opened for takeout on Friday 5/1. They are now open for Covid-style business, every Thursday through Sunday from 4PM-7PM with a menu of favorites from several Dickie Brennan’s restaurants, plus prepared foods, and DIY meal kits with raw materials to cook up yourself. The menu looks like a perfect blend of all the new normals ways to dine these days, and assurance that you’ll do it well.

They’ve also started from day one, living up their name in the fullest. Each Friday, they’ll be serving donation-backed “Extended Family Meals” to 500 community members in need, including hospitality, musicians, gig workers, barber, and any other impacted industry members. Drive through pickup is available from 11AM-1PM.

Read about them, view the menu, and order online at Take this chance to get a sneak peek of an exciting new spot for meals to come. But for now, it’s still to-go.