On Yesterday's Show...

Mary Ann Fitzmorris November 27, 2019 11:33 On The Radio

Yesterday’s show was even wilder than usual, with twists and turns all connected by the show’s blueprint, yesterday’s almanac. And of course, the default subject is the topic of the week: Thanksgiving Day plans and dishes. I brought out a book of appetizers by my nemesis Martha Stewart, offering ideas for any last-minute appetizers that might dazzle guests. Assuming they work out, which is something they don’t often do for me, hence the nemesis moniker.

Then Ali called with a truly disgusting report on a local restaurant, that she actually drove a bit to experience with her son. We are regulars there, but one more situation like this is making it harder to patronize it. We had a similar one last summer.

And there was a detailed discussion about galantines versus ballantines, and pates. And whether or not there is even such a thing as ballantines, other than the beer, of course.

To listen: