Turtle Soup @ Cafe Sbisa.

Tom Fitzmorris May 29, 2017 08:01

500BestSquareTurtle Soup @ Cafe Sbisa

Founded in the early 1800s as a neighborhood cafe, coffeehouse, and bar, Cafe Sbisa has come and gone several times in its history, but always managed to hold on to its sense of style and Creole-French cookery. In its most recent reincarnation, the best dish on the menu is an old-style turtle soup, one that comes closes to my old favorite at the old Brennan's. In its thickness, seasoning complexity, and general deliciousness, about the only reason to not sample it on every visit is a dislike for turtle soup. Another good reason to bring visitors to the restaurant. Turtle soup at Cafe Sbisa.
Cafe Sbisa. French Quarter: 101 Decatur St. 504-522-5565.
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