Vintage Tom

Written by Mary Leigh Fitzmorris March 24, 2020 09:00 in About

Since the next generation of Fitzmorris’s took over the business nearly a year ago, one of the big goals was to keep the unique approach the founder Tom Fitzmorris took to everything. In the 45 years since he started his life’s work, a sometimes fanatical fan base has developed. These loyal and engaged people have steered us through and guided us as we take this food community into the future. One of the things missing from all that we do now is Tom. Vintage Tom. It was our intention from the beginning to have these now historical accounts running concurrently as we keep up with fast-moving times. We are behind on this, but aim to rectify this starting today. These pieces were earmarked as a subscription-only offer, but in these times, it’s important to keep grounded, and frankly, to be distracted. They will be on the site for a limited time. Enjoy this first vintage Tom piece, written in simpler times. 

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