Herbed Olive Oil

Serves people


  1. Wash all the herbs well and shake the water off them. Place them on a towel to dry completely.
  2. Push the herbs stem side down into the bottle, and add all the other seasonings. Fill the bottle with olive oil so that all the herbs are covered. (Some things, notably the chili peppers, will rise to the top at first, but they'll sink eventually.) Make sure that all the herbs are completely covered with oil.
  3. Cork the bottle tightly and keep in a cool, dark place. (You can refrigerate it, and although that will turn the oil cloudy it will clear again as it warms up to room temperature.) As you use the oil, top off the bottle with more extra-virgin olive oil. If the herbs stick out, they may get moldy. The herbs will continue to flavor the oil for about a year. It takes about two weeks for the first batch to reach full flavor.

Ingredient List