Oysters Jaubert

Serves people


  1. Drain the oysters but reserve the oyster water. Strain the oyster water.
  2. In a skillet, heat the butter over medium heat until it bubbles. Sauté the vegetables until they turn tender, then add the oysters. Cook until the edges begin to curl--about three or four minutes.
  3. Add the Creole seasoning, salt, lemon juice, Worcestershire, and hot sauce. Bring to a boil and hold there for about a minute.
  4. Sprinkle the flour in and stir lightly until the flour is fully incorporated into the sauce. This should make for a very thick mixture.
  5. Warm the oyster water and add it slowly to the pan. Add just enough warm chicken stock, again slowly, until the pan contents have a stew-like consistency. Adjust seasonings and serve immediately over toast or pasta.

Ingredient List