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1000 Figs

3141 Ponce De Leon St #1, New Orleans, LA 70119 70119

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In New Orleans we have no shortage of Mediterranean restaurants, but in recent years a decline in overall quality has afflicted the category. At the same time, the opening of Shaya by Alon Shaya and John Besh demonstrated the possibilities in the food of the Middle East. Meanwhile, there was this food truck serving Middle Eastern food, almost all of it vegetarian. It found a permanent spot last year, and began extending their menu to include seafood, chicken and lamb--although the vegetarian aspect offers plenty of meatless choices.

Why It's Essential


1000 Figs started in 2012 as a food truck called The Fat Falafel (still going strong ; its location can be discovered via In 2015 it found a brick-and-mortar location amidst the several polyglot restaurants between Esplanade Avenue and the back gate of the Fair Grounds. (In back of Santa Fe, around the corner from Liuzza's by the Track, near Cafe Degas and Lola's).

Dining Room

The space is small but better looking than you expect to find, with enough windows to make it seem almost airy. A lot of customers dine outdoors. I’d recommend taking a date, be it friendly or romantic, and get ready to cozy up with the rest of the folks dining in. But the best experience is in getting take-out and having a relaxing date on the City Park benches.`

For Best Results

Split almost anything you order. Portions are very large, yet very fine and fresh.

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Value 2
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