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Arabella Casa di Pasta

2258 St Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117, USA 70117

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On the top edge of the Marigny Triangle lies a delicious and slightly unexpected Italian restaurant with a light heart--to judge by the pun-laden descriptions of the many fresh pastas and ingredients to toss it with. It harbors a small array of salads and appetizers, but the focus is on the sizable portions of pasta. I’m in a pasta-hungry stage lately, and I've been hooked by Arabella since the place opened. The staff is happily involved in serving your pick from the myriad possibilities that come about with seven pasta shapes (one of them gluten-free), six sauces, and seven miscellaneous toppings. This review by Thomas Pearce.

Why It's Essential

The two major Italian restaurant in the Marigny are both packed all the time and at the other end of the Triangle. Arabella is less well known, and stronger in the food department.


Arabella was at first a pop-up restaurant Uptown (hence the mislocated name). It moved to an empty spot next to a bar in the Marigny in 2014. Owners Mowgli and Amanda Pierlas dispense with almost all formalities, and has the feeling many of us have come to love in the Marigny restaurant district.

Dining Room

It is a cozy, shotgun-style space with a maximum of about 40-60 seated patrons. As is popular in this area, you place your order at the counter with one of the very friendly staff members and then be ready to grab the first table available. While th3e dining room can fill to the discomfort line during peak hours, the experience winds up being pleasant. .

For Best Results

See Margaret for a fantastic cocktail and a great attitude. Arabella is a great spot for late lunch, early dinner, or getting your pasta fix at night. One thing I’ve learned is to stick to the menu. They offer a custom dish option and while that is unique to a small establishment, it’s only necessary for the pickiest of eaters. Their specialties are all delicious and have traits all their own.

Bonus Information

Attitude 2
Environment 1
Hipness 1
Local Color 3
Service 1
Value 2
Wine 0