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4905 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70119, USA 70119

Restaurant Review

Why It's Essential

It's primarily a bar. Bars have a way of making the best hamburgers, and the Beachcorner is a good example of that phenomenon.


The Beachcorner has been bar since at least the late 1960s, but the current management (and menu) didn't begin until 1993.

Dining Room

It's nowhere near any beach, and the closest corners are those of the cemeteries at the end of Canal Street. As a bar, it's unexceptional: pool tables, standard drinks and beer, televisions--all the usual accoutrements of the neighborhood hangout. The food keeps a more various stream of customers coming through, making the place friendlier to newcomers than the typical neighborhood bar.

For Best Results

The best time to eat here is late at lunch. But they stay open into the wee hours.

Bonus Information

Attitude 0
Environment 0
Hipness 0
Local Color 1
Service 0
Value 1
Wine 0