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1510 S Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118, USA 70118

Restaurant Review

Dining Room

The cottage has no large spaces, but is built so substantially that no tenant has ever knocked walls out wholesale. This results in small tables jammed into some inconvenient corners. And in a seat count much smaller than the number of diners who show up of an evening. Even with a reservation, you may spend some time on the porch or the sidewalk. But enough others are out there that a social scene results.

For Best Results

Boucherie is unexpectedly adept at creating cocktails, and you should begin the meal with one of their many originals. Lunch is less densely packed than dinner, although the menus (and prices) are nearly identical.

Bonus Information

Attitude 1
Environment 0
Hipness 3
Local Color 2
Service 1
Value 2
Wine 1