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Canal Street Cafe

113 E Canal St, Augusta, MI 49012, USA 70130

Restaurant Review

Why It's Essential

Shula's is two restaurants in one. It's the all-day restaurant of the JW Marriott Hotel on Canal Street, serving all three meals every day of the year. More distinctively, it's the local outlet of a nationwide chain of premium steakhouses. This one is better than the other three I've been to in other cities. While it follows the corporate specs on most matters, the Canal Street franchise buys more local product and cooks more local dishes than is typical for a national outfit. For the most part, however, Shula's delivers the standard high-end steakhouse menu, with the usual masculine, straightforward trappings.


Shula's is named for Don Shula, the winningest football coach in NFL history. His son and partners run the thirty-two restaurant chain. The JW Marriott is the former Meridien Hotel, a luxury property from the pre-World's-fair hotel boom in New Orleans. Shula's occupies the space that was formerly the French bistro Midi. Shula's was just about to open when the hurricane hit New Orleans; the opening was delayed, but only a little.

Dining Room

Logically enough, the restaurant has a subtle football motif--the menus, for example, are covered with what looks football leather--but it's not overbearing. The front dining room has windows looking into Canal Street. Further back, the tables are darker and more private, even romantic. The comfortable bar spills into the mall that runs through the hotel.

For Best Results

The bigger the steak, the better it is. Split one big one instead of getting two small ones. The soups here are unusually good, made on the premises instead of being bought finished.

Bonus Information

Attitude 2
Environment 1
Hipness 0
Local Color 1
Service 1
Value 0
Wine 1