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527 Julia St, New Orleans, LA 70130, USA 70130

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In the center of the Warehouse and Arts Districts, Cafe Carmo has opened a vegetarian- and vegan-friendly restaurant in the perfect spot for such a restaurant. Its menu too is right for the area, because the half of it that's not veg is on the light side, and takes as its inspiration the food of Brazil and the Caribbean. Those should be a big hit in this semi-tropical town, but only in recent years have we seen much of either.

I like the way they play the vegetarian game here. Dishes are described as containing meats and cheese in normal amounts, but "vegetarian meat" or "vegan cheese" are offered as substitutes. That way nobody gets hurt. Unless you're in a hurry to read the menu, because this sometimes adds a paragraph (I am not exaggerating) to the dish's description.

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