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Company Burger

4600 Freret St, New Orleans, LA 70115, USA 70115

Restaurant Review

Why It's Essential

Company Burger tapped into two powerful currents: a) the fertile market for anything perceived to be a better-than-average hamburger and 2) the unexpected blossoming of casual eateries on Freret Street. The place was instantly popular, allowing it to open with not just hamburgers but also a full bar with cocktails, offbeat beers, wine, and a stated philosophy. The latter seems to be "We do it our way." What else could the no lettuce or tomato rule here mean?


Owner Adam Biderman is an actual chef, having cooked at Herbsaint and Michael's Mid-City Grill here, and a restaurant in Atlanta whose gimmick was artificial scarcity of a very good hamburger. He opened Company Burger in summer of 2011, to tremendous acclaim and long lines.

Dining Room

A large, chaotic, and industrial space is busy in every direction with the making, assembling, and eating of burgers and fries. There are also numerous outdoor tables. It's mostly self-service. It takes more than the average amount of time between ordering and the first bite.

Bonus Information

Attitude 1
Environment 0
Hipness 2
Local Color 1
Service 0
Value 0
Wine 0