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CoNola Grill & Sushi

619 Pink St, Metairie, LA 70005, USA 70005

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Former Sun Ray in Metairie


The Gretna location is the original, opened in 1996. Subsequent openings have been in a wide variety of premises, from the enormous Warehouse District place (in an even bigger warehouse) to the modest Old Metairie digs (in the former Delerno's). The concept was created by owner Dana Deutsch, who had a significant history as a chef, including stints in Europe and the Windsor Court Hotel.

Dining Room

No two of the restaurants look alike, but all have in common open spaces and colorful design. The Warehouse District location is especially expansive, and recently added a second concept: Aloha Sushi, a tweaked approach to the namesake cuisine. The newest location, in Kenner, has a full-fledged oyster bar.

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This is one of the few restaurants whose websites are up to date. They even show the correct daily specials every day. Very useful.

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