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Crepes A La Cart

1039 Broadway St, New Orleans, LA 70118, USA 70118

Restaurant Review

Why It's Essential

Almost every attempt to bring crepes to New Orleans over the years failed. Even those made by French chefs in major hotels in great locations. Even La Crepe Nanou, which has been at the game longest, had to become a general French bistro to succeed. In 2004 this little shop opened in the University section, and finally made a go as a crepe specialist. With a mix of savory and sweet crepes, its inexpensive treats seem right any hour of the day. Including the wee hours of the morning, when restless students make their way over and keep the night moving.


Kevin Merlin originally opened his crepe operation in 2004 as a catering facility, which continues to this day. But it's handy for a caterer to have a pied a terre, and the Tulane-Loyola University neighborhood was perfect for selling inexpensive, chic, offbeat, and accessible crepes.

Dining Room

The customers blend with those of The Boot bar next door. There really isn't a dining room, unless you count the chairs on the sidewalk, or the order counter. At the latter you see your crepe actually being made--not merely filled. And get a cup of coffee.

For Best Results

The standard crepes here--even the savory ones--are sweeter than you'd find in Europe, so adjust your order.

Bonus Information

Attitude 1
Environment 0
Hipness 3
Local Color 2
Service 0
Value 2
Wine 0